söndag 19 april 2009

balkongen/ the balcony

Lite mer bilder på helgens nöjen: jag har byggt klar balkongen på övervåningen
som skall bli antikvitetsavdelningen och så har jag gjort en ny trådstol och
ett balkongräcke m m - nu skall golvet stöttas upp med träbalkar o s v.
English: just posting some more details of the upper floor ..

10 kommentarer:

  1. Wow,it is so beautiful,I love it all!


  2. Hej!

    Allt är ju jättefint, du har lyckats bra med räcket på övervåningen och golvet också.

    Hälsningar Lena!

  3. I like that railing and the white chair is really beautiful!!

  4. Your metal work is fantastic! I love that cradle, I remember it from a previous blog, beautiful, it looks so great up there. If I were really little I would love to shop in your flower shop. The metal railing is so special. Your strawberry pot looks great too.

  5. Thank you - all of you. Working with metal wire
    is really fun - it´s a new material to me,
    and quite exciting! The cradle is a printie,
    I think originally from a southamerican blog,
    but maybe I am wrong, anyway
    it found its way to a swedish blog, where I
    found it. I think it´s very interesting
    that people from all over the world can
    inspire each other in this way.

  6. So lovely! You have been lots of work of with that metal wire!

  7. Dette blir helt nydelig! Så flott metallarbeide og den vuggen din blir jeg aldri lei av å beundre!

  8. Hello!
    Your miniatures are beautiful. I love your wire work. I have been using a little bit of wire, I found it very hard on my hands!
    You are right - it is wonderful to be able to get inspiration and ideas from all around the world.

  9. Beautiful, especially flowers looks so real!

  10. Hello!
    Your models are so beautiful. Congratulations for your blog.