söndag 17 maj 2009

a wire-bed

Nu har jag gjort en säng av ståltråd. Överkastet är en gammal duk från
second-hand. Kuddarna är broderade i 34 rest 40-trådig silk-gauze och
var pilliga att göra. Jag gjorde dem för ett tag sedan, och har väntat
på någon plats där de kan passa in, men jag vet inte om det är här --
kanske ändrar jag på det.
English: I made a bed of papercovered wire for the attic room. The bedspread
is actually a table-cloth from the second- hand store, and the pillows ( or is it cushions -
I am not sure of the english word) I made a while ago. They are embroydered in
34 and 40-count silk-gauze. I needed both my glasses and a magnifier for that work!
I have been trying to find the right place for them
and maybe it´s here - I am not sure yet.

14 kommentarer:

  1. Very pretty. The pillows are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hej Eva!
    jättefin säng som du gjort och kuddarna är helt otroligt fina.De passar så bra där!


  3. Hi, soooooo pretty!!!!!!, I love it, great job!!!



  4. Eva,I love your bed!It is fantastic...like all
    your beautiful mini's!Is the bed made for a new project?

  5. The bed is indeed gorgeous...is there any chance you would be willing to share how you made it?

  6. Olá!
    Muito legal o envelhecimento da cama! gosto demais...certamente será um ambiente muito interessante.

  7. Hello
    Thank you all for the comments and Sabiha
    the bed is on the attic of my french flower
    shop. On the first floor there is a flowershop and on the second floor the antiquities and
    on the attic is a small apartment where the
    owner lives. I haven´t yet decided who she
    is - maybe a young romantic woman who inherrited this house, or maybe an old woman who lived in it her whole life - I´ll see where it ends up!
    Armywife - I improvised when I made the bed so
    I don´t think I am capable of making a tutorial in english with exact measurements and so on, but I will think about how to make
    some kind of description - I will be back on the subject, just need some time!

  8. I think your pillows are perfect there. Such delicate petitpoint, and wonderful bed. I like the idea of a young romantic woman or an old one, maybe the young woman will be there a while.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  9. Sängen är härlig! Kuddarna och kasten och metall! Tack för att du berättade om Celidonia-länken. Jag fixade det och nu fungerar det. Daniela har också blogg, italiensk, http://fairydoor.blogspot.com


  10. The cushions are so lovely... My congratulations it's not easy to stitch so tiny!!! They are perfect whereever you put them.

  11. These cushions are just adorable.
    I also love the way you use to age all kinds of things.
    CONGRATULATIONS for your lovely blog, and thank you so much for sharing your minis.
    Regards from Spain,

  12. Eva, the bed looks fantastic, very clever!