söndag 3 januari 2010


Jag har börjat det nya året med att ha pippi på fågelburar.
Denna är gjord av pappersklädd ståltråd och en metallring
och sedan linnetråd som jag har vävt precis som vid

Den här är gjord av en smyckedel och som  botten har
jag använt en vanlig kork

Den här är gjord av träbitar och ståltråd - den var en aning
tålamodsprövande att göra!

Här är hela "samlingen". Jag tycker det är så synd
om fåglar i bur så alla har öppna burar och kan
flyga ut och in som dom vill!

I started the new year with these birdcages. They are made of papercovered wire,
some jewellery details, thread, lids, pearls  and some patience!
I like birdcages very much, but not birds in cages, so these have
open doors and the birds can fly free if they want it !

18 kommentarer:

  1. Eva, vilka fantastiskt fina burar du skapat! Den ena finare än den andra....har du gjort fåglarna också? Imponerande!


  2. Hi Eva!
    Wauw they are great!!! You are so skilled!
    I have been thinking about trying to make some for quite a while, but I find it difficult to find the right kind of wire, is there a special kind? And how do you make the cute little birds? Maybe I´m too straigtforward, I don´t want to be rude, maybe it is a "secret recipe"?

  3. Your are so talented! I love them! I like that they can fly in and out :-)

  4. Gorgeous!! I love them and I love the free birds Rosanna

  5. WoW! They all looks so awesome! I should have done one cage too to my neighbour´s litte girl. She asked me to do that many months ago,but I haven´t have the courage to try. :( Your cages looks so wonderful.

  6. Your cages look wonderful!

  7. Thank you all of you for the nice comments on
    my little cages!
    Susanne- I have no "secret recipe" so it´s
    perfectly ok to ask. I have used papercovered
    wire 22 gauge - the same as I use for wicker
    works. It´s a little bit to thick, but if I use thinner wire it doesn´t work to bend it
    nicely - so 22 gauge will have to do. I buy
    it here: http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/shop-online/floral-wire.htm.

    The birds are made of fimo clay and after baking I painted them.I am really bad at
    working with clay, but I am working on it (lol).

    Eva J

  8. Oh - I forgot: Julianna - you don´t need any
    courage at all - only papercoverd wires and
    a lot of patience!

    Eva J

  9. ..Thanks for the advice and the link, Eva! Your birds are so sweet and very naturalistic.

  10. Wow Eva they are fabolous. Such a wonderful work!
    I love the free birds (and free animals in general) too.

  11. Fab cages Eva. Debbie from tiny treasures has been looking for owl cages for her eyelops and so i have tried to make her one. It is very much like the first one showing here, although not as neat as yours. I made it with wire too but found it hard to be neat. We must have been busy making them at the same time.
    I love all your cages and think they are lovely. I told Debbie to pop over to see them too.
    Nikki xxx

  12. They all look great, it's hard to choose a favourite. They must have been quite fiddly to made. The little birds are very realistic.

  13. Jättejättefina fågelburar och småfåglar! Verkligen skickligt jobbat :)

  14. Wow så utrolig flotte fugle bur,fantastisk arbeid Eva !
    Hilsen Janne

  15. Firstly, thank you for following my blog. Yours is gorgeous and I will love to follow your progress. The bird cages are really well done. I too have them but I just get ready made ones :). I like your white cage with the 2 birds perching outside the best. Mainly because they are depicted like they love their home even when they have the whole world to choose from, they choose this cage to perch on.

    I think you did a fabulous job with the birds.

  16. Eva, they are so beatiful!! I like them all and agreed with you that the should be free as the rest of the animal!!
    Although a bit late, I wish you all the best in 2010.

  17. acabo de ver tu blog es una maravilla, saludos pepi