måndag 1 mars 2010

garden - update

Nu har jag gjort klart dörren och fönsteröppningarna. Det skall bli
fönsterluckor på utsidan också.

I finished the door and I am working on some shutters for
the windows.

På muren skall det klättra en ymnig Bougainvillea - det här
är bara början på den!

I am also working on a Bougainvillea that´s going to
climb on the wall - this is only the beginning!

Och så gjorde jag ett nytt bord som är lite mindre.
Nu väntar jag bara på tegel som jag skall lägga på marken och
så är det förstås en massa blommor att göra ..

I made a new table - this one is smaller. And while I am
waiting for the tiles from the UK I have a lot of flowers to do!

14 kommentarer:

  1. Your garden already looks great! Love the atmosphere.

    groetjes Evelien

  2. I love your wire furniture. Did you solder it together? Your table looks great!
    I really want to make some bougainvillea. Are you using a kit or did you design this? It's beautiful!
    Can't wait to see the tiles!

  3. It looks great! The furniture, especially caught my eye, and that bougainvillea looks stunning. It looks very real, not to mention like hard work!

  4. Thank you all of you for the nice comments!

    Kathi: I used superglue for the papercovered
    wires. The chairs are made from a description
    in Léa Frisonis book. The bougainvillea is not
    a kit, but I wouldn´t call it my own design -
    I have used paperpunches, paper, watercolour and thread. The rest is just a question of

    Eva J

  5. Det har blitt veldig koselig Eva,og boken er helt fantastisk inspirerende :)
    Jeg har en award til deg på bloggen min.

  6. Hi Lena, it´s all looking so great, I would love to watch how you are making the bougainvillea, its wonderful!

  7. Good progress! I really like that fabric on the little couch.

  8. Dear Eva..I tried to write earlier to excuse that I called you Lena in my earlier comment,but my comment didn´t went through. Now I´m trying to say it again, and that I´m so sorry...hope you will forgive me.

  9. Hi Susanne
    I don´t mind being called Lena - it is a
    nice name and she has a lovely blog! LOL
    Of course I forgive you - it´s not easy
    to remember all the names in bloggland!

    Eva J

  10. Hallo Eva,
    there is a award for you.
    Go to minimumm, 1.March.
    I like your blog very much
    So long

  11. Hello Eva,what a wonderful bouganville is growing on your patio.You do a wonderful work,all my compliments,I know for this plant you have to be very patient and yours is looking very real.Go on,be busy ;-)!!! Hugs,Jeannette

  12. Hej Eva! Vilken underbar trädgård med stenväggen och blommerna som hänger över den, Sen är möblerna väldigt fina! Ska bli spännande att se dig fylla trädgården med växter!!

    Mini hugs

  13. I just read through your blog and you have done wonderful job :) And I'm waiting to see how your garden will turn out, as it's one thing I would also like to do at some point.

    Have a nice week,


  14. Eva, it's just lovely!!! The bounganville is perfect as the rest of the furniture!!
    Excellent job!