måndag 12 april 2010

Garden finished

Den här helgen har jag gjort klart min trädgård. Jag vet inte hur många blommor jag har gjort, men när jag ser det på bild ser det inte så mycket ut som det kändes.

This weekend I finished the garden. I have made so many flowers, but now that I look at the pictures I don´t think it looks so much.

Lite på avstånd ..

From a distance ..

Radion spelar lite musik ...

The radio is playing some music ...

Trädgårdsmästaren har tagit lite paus ..

The gardener is resting ..

Fåglarna kvittrar ...

The birds are singing ....

Den lilla reservträdgårdsmästaren ser något överväldigad ut av uppgiften ...

The little garden helper looks a little bit overwhelmed ...

Och nu har våren äntligen kommit till Sverige också och det är dags att gå ut och titta på riktiga blommor ..

And now at last spring has come to Sweden too, and it´s time to go out and look at the real flowers soon ....

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  1. Eva it's beautiful!! I love every bitof it. Fabolous work ! Rosanna

  2. So sweet! And so like spring!Nice job!

  3. Eva your little Garden looks wonderful. Well done you for making all those flowers. xx

  4. What an exquisite garden!!! Flowers never seem to be enough, but be sure you did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  5. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! It is amazing how much work you put in it and it puts me in the right mood for spring when I look at it.

  6. It's lovely! I can imagine all the work you have done, I have a couple of flower kits that I haven't even started as they look SO time consuming.

    Have a nice week,


  7. What a lovely scene,you really did a wonderful job! Congratulations ;-),Jeannette

  8. This is so colourful and cheery and just all round pretty, Eva. I know about flowers, they are never enough :).

  9. Beautiful! It must have been so much work making this, but it's so worth it! Love your flowers too!

    groetjes Evelien

  10. Absolutely amazingly beautiful and so clever.
    I'm amazed how quick you have made this too.
    The flowers are all beautiful and wish i had your patience to make so many.
    I would be so proud if i made this!
    Nikki xxx

  11. Eva, it's so pretty! What a lovely job you've done on this project!

  12. Olá Eva!
    Que bela cena... Parabéns pelo resultado excelente e por tantos detalhes!

  13. Wow Eva, this is amazing!!!!! It is so beautiful!!!
    You must have worked your fingers of!!!

  14. Helt underbar trädgård Eva! Vad mycket fina blommor du gjort! och så många fashinerande detaljer, som tofflorna och de små fåglarna ... till och med lite ogräs (: som en riktig trädgård!


  15. Oohh! This is lovely - if only it were real! I love all the little details especially the little flip flops by the door. Well done.

  16. Vad fin trädgården blev ,Eva! Massor av fantastiskt fina blommor och fina detaljer.Tegelgolvet blev så fint,gräset mellan plattorna gör det riktigt verkligt.


  17. i love it, is so beautiful! :)

  18. This is such a beautiful garden, so much work with all of those flowers, you must be very proud.
    Regards, Linda

  19. Thank you so much for all the nice comments!
    I really love flowers in real and in mini, and
    Synnöve I still have my fingers left, but
    I think it will take a while before I do
    any more mini-flowers! It was fun but for
    now I think it´s enough!

    Eva J

  20. Spectacular!!!
    Your garden is so pretty and colourful!

  21. Eva, The garden is realy lovely and I think like you it should be full of flowers!!!
    I love it!!! Just pefect!!!

  22. Que maravilla!!!!
    Me encantan todas las flores, te han quedado genial, el suelo una maravilla.
    Una escena preciosa llena de bonitos detalles.
    besitos ascension

  23. Dear Eva, What a pleasure to see your completed garden. It has been interesting to see it develop. Thank you for taking time to show us as you must be very busy packing.
    Regards Janine minworks.blogspot.com

  24. Dette er en fryd for øyet ,mye hardt arbeid med alle blomstene . Fugle kassene passet perfekt !
    Passer perfekt til et lite hage" kalas "


  25. Espectacular¡¡¡¡ Dan ganas de sentarse alli y dejar pasar el tiempo¡¡¡¡ Ojala mi jardin fuera asi¡¡¡¡ Precioso.

  26. That is so perfect!! So fast you have made it, all the flowers and all the details. WOW! I love that roof and I must ask how did you made it? Is it an air dry clay (I don´t know how to call it)? I have tried to think how to make my cottage´s roof, but still haven´t figured it out. I think it gets too expensive to make the whole roof from that clay. ( I would need many package of that :) ) Anyway, your garden looks awesome! :)

  27. absolutely excuisite! it's such a delight to look at, and there are sooo many flowers! you did an incredible job!

  28. Oh- thank you again for all the lovely comments. I did rush a little with the work
    because I knew I am going to move, and I didn´t
    want to start looking for flower petals in my
    new flat. I expect it to be hard to find anything after the move!
    Julianna: I made the roof very simple: I used
    wooden sticks, a little thicker than barbecue
    sticks. I glued them vertically on a piece of
    cardboard, and then I cut stripes of airdrying
    clay and just glued them over the sticks horisontally. Very easy and very fast! Good luck with the roof of your cottage.

    Eva J

  29. Bravo!!! Your garden is like heaven!


  30. How wonderful the garden is! I love the little details, like the curtain which seems to be blowing in the breeze. Lovely.

  31. Oh Eva, what a wonderful, peaceful place, I wish to sit down there with a good cup of coffe and listen to the music. Beautiful work!

  32. Your garden is absolutely beautiful...

    groetjes Ingrid

  33. It's so beautiful,congratulations!!

  34. Eva, your garden looks so very nice. You have done a lot of flowermaking. But the result is perfect!

  35. what a wonderful garden! Congratulations!

  36. Eva que lugar mas agradable!! se antoja estar ahí ¡esta precioso!!!

  37. Your garden is so beautiful! I love it!

  38. un jardin muy bonito, felicidades

  39. Your Garden is so beautiful! I LOVE all of your flowers!