måndag 26 april 2010

The Miniatureshow in Farum, Denmark

I helgen var jag på mitt första besök på mässan i Farum Danmark.
Jag handlade massor till pågående och framtida projekt. Inga dyrgripar
kanske, men roliga saker och saker att måla och göra i ordning.
Naturligtvis glömde jag min kamera hemma så jag har inga bilder från själva mässan. 

Last saturday I went to visit the miniatureshow in Farum, Denmark. It
was my first visit there, and I bought lots of things for my on-going projects, and
the future ones that are still only in my head!
Of course I forgot my camera at home so I can´t show you any photos from the exhibition area - sorry.

Jag tror att dessa kängor är det jag är gladast för.. men jag kommer tyvärr inte ihåg vem jag köpte dem av eftersom jag blev så exalterad av allt jag såg så det bara snurrade i huvudet!

I think maybe these boots are what I am most happy about, but I don´t even remember who sold them,
I was so excited about everything so I forgot to look for the names of the sellers/shops!

Jag köpte ett helt möblemang i skala 1:144 till mitt dockskåp till dockskåpet. Denna skala är verkligen så liten så jag har gett upp mina försök att göra någonting själv i den storleken.

I bought quite a few furniture in 1:144 scale. This scale is too small for me to even try to
make the furniture myself, and believe me - I have tried!

Ett kit till en fågelbur..

A kit for making a birdcage ...

Jag skall måla bokhyllan och den lilla kloka ugglan tyckte jag var så söt ..

I am going to paint this bookshelf and I thought the little owl was so cute sitting on a book, so I just had to buy him. 

Lite trädgårdsurnor och en trädgårdsbänk  m m

Some garden things for the next garden project :)

Om ni tycker att jag har köpt mycket saker så kan jag berätta att
allt är inte med på bild :) Som tur är så är det ett år till nästa mässa och då skall jag dit igen - det var sååå

If you think I bought a lot of stuff you should know that this is not all, so maybe it´s a good thing that it´s a year till the next fair in Farum, because I am definitely going there next year again - nothing can stop me from that - I had so much fun

46 kommentarer:

  1. Very good shopping!I love the shoes!
    Enjoy with them.

  2. Åh, vad mycket fint du köpt! Däckstolen är min favorit! "pär-stampen" med!(potatis-mosaren alltså!)
    Vad fin din nya layout på bloggen är också!

  3. You got a lot of fantastic pieces! :)
    Kisses ♥

  4. Enhorabuena por tus compras.
    Has conseguido verdaderas maravillas!!
    besitos ascension

  5. YOu bought some great pieces, the boots are excellent and I also love the outdoor furniture and planters. Can't wait for our Sydney Miniatures Fair this coming weekend.

  6. Really pretty stuff, I wouldn't be able to resist them myself!

  7. The boots are fantastic. It looks like you had fun at the fair!

  8. Some lovely purchases. My favourites have to be the Owl on the book and the boots. xx

  9. Hi Lena
    Lovely things, you´ve bought! Annie and I went to the fair in Farum too and had a great time, and we also decided to make it a tradition.
    Love, Susanne

  10. Hi again..I was just wondering..did we actually meet in the S-train saturday, when the fair had closed? Some sweedish ladies were sitting right across us with all the stuff, they had bought ;-)

  11. Eva, great and lovely purchases!!! I love the pair of boots!!!
    I've never been in a miniature show, so how lucky you have been!!!
    Waiting your new projects!!!
    Warm regards,

  12. Some really great buys you´ve made. The boots are absolutely my favorite, also the suitcase. We have to make a blogger meeting at the fair next year :0)

  13. ..I called you Lena again. Don´t know why I mix up these two names..

  14. I see quite a few things I have myself :) and quite a few that I would like to have!


  15. Wow, so many lovely things, I can't choose what I liked the most!

  16. Hi everybody and thanks for all the nice
    comments - I am glad you like my purchases!
    Susanne - maybe we were on the same train -
    I wouldn´know because I was so excited whith
    all my purchases that I didn´t even look around in the train. Did you see three ladies
    in a corner of the wagon - one of them with a
    red jacket - talking all the time? well in that case it was me :).

    Annie - it would be real fun to have a blogmeeting next year in Farum - how nice to
    see people in real life too!

    Meli - I´m afraid it will take a long time to
    complete any new projects, since I am moving
    to my new flat in May, and I expect that my
    "real" life will be quite demanding for
    some time now - it´s very frustrating not to
    be able to work with minis in the evenings after I finished work! It has become a habit
    and it is so relaxing!

    Eva J

  17. ..Eva, yes we saw three women talking just like we were in the other corner. You were accompagnied by a danish woman, who were telling you where to get off ;-0)

  18. Haha Susanne - I find that very funny - what
    a small world after all! The next time we
    go to a fair, maybe we should wear signs like:
    "Eva J from the blogspot.com" - that way we
    will recognize a fellow-blogger :)

    Eva J

  19. Hello Eva, I'm a your new follower. I always read your comments because I like hydrangeas :-)
    Your blog is very nice and take advantage to say that your purchases on the fair are fabulous. I live on an island where no one ever likes miniatures :-(
    I will follow you willingly
    A hug

  20. Susanne and I was joking about having sign around the neck with blognames, then we could easily find each other :0) A blogmeeting next year for sure!!!

  21. I do agree about a blogmeeting next year. I met Susanne, Annie and Reiko at the Fair. I'm the one with table no. 25.

  22. O' lucky you!!! I have wanted to visit this fair for years!!! Maybe next year, and definitely wearing a "blogger badge"!!!!
    The items are wonderful, and it is so fun to come home, unpack the little darlings and admire them for a while!!!
    You've picked some real treasures!!!
    Synnøve :)

  23. you made some good purchases, my favorite is the pair of leather boots, they are wonderful!

  24. Vaya son unas fantásticas compras y las botas son maravillosas. seguro que encontraràs un buen lugar para ponerlas. Felicidades.


  25. What a great things you´ve got!! Of course you can "borrow" my idea of that "door -table". And the original idea of that real size table isn´t mine. I saw that kind of table in some magazine some years ago, and I decided to get my own table like that some day. So when I found a nice suitable door,we made a table from that. (with my husband). Now I have a mini doortable too. :) Ps. I made my roof from cardboard, I didn´t have enough of that air drying clay( and now it´s not that expensive). And now even the roof isn´t that heavy. :) I used a cocktail sticks under the cardboard too. Thanks for the tip. :)

  26. Wonderful, and so many new purchases!
    Enjoy every bit of them!


  27. I love what you bought at the fair.
    I LOVE your garden it is very beautifull!!!

  28. The boots are so lifelike. Love them & also like the cute wicker table. I love apartments. Visit me at www.remakeremixreuse.blogspot.com

  29. Eva, eu não conhecia o seu blog nem os seus trabalhos, mas ja estive a ver e gostei muito, de tudo, principalmente do jardim, está lindo. Parabéns.
    Deixo aqui o meu blog para se quiser ver, ainda está muito no inicio porque só entrei neste mini mundo este ano, mas já tem algumas coisas.
    Espero que goste.


  30. Wonderful purchases! Your garden is lovely! Please, visit my blog. I love all miniatures! http://lascosasdemariaayamontino.blogspot.com/

  31. Sååå herlige dukkehus og miniatyrer:O) Her kan jeg sitte å kikke i timesvis. Holder på med et dukkehus selv og storkoser meg med det og masse annet håndarbeide. Klem fra Bente

  32. It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.

  33. I enjoyed your blog you make nice things.
    I'm going to follow you.
    You might find it nice to follow me also.



  34. El par de botas me ha cautivado

  35. Lovely things you found in Farum.
    Miniature greetings

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